Ilya's Coding Art

Be it through broken Fourier transforms or unstable training parameters, my code often spits out stuff that's not correct but looks pretty (or is correct and looks pretty).
All these illustrations were derived from or directly created with outputs from my research projects.

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Film Flower
incorrect scale alpha/key layer

Color-plate Pigeon

neural image fitting

Awake Lion

reference image

Asleep Lion

digitally stabilized reconstruction

The Photographic Negative of Rain

trying to convince a convnet to learn a light propagation model

Gourds on VHS

misaligned image sampling

structured light scan

"Say It"

noisy depth map + digital assets

Black Zenith Rising - Unreleased Album 2022

badly aligned speckles off a diffuser with masked DC

All the Seasons of Fall

depth model trained on perlin noise